Sales Team

Leah Meneley - Lead Retail Consultant

Leah Meneley

Lead Retail Consultant
Leah has resided in the Roaring Fork Valley for 5 years and has been working in retail management for 9 years. Leah has taken on many roles in her career and for Integra Motorsports. Today, you can find her on the sales floor, cheerfully greeting every customer who walks through the door, and assisting them in finding the department or items they need. Leah is excited to help each customer find the right machine, accessories, or gear for their adventures. When you visit Integra Motorsports, make sure to say "Hi" to Leah and let her help you find everything you need to take on your next big ride!
Kayla Allen - Sales Lot Tech

Kayla Allen

Sales Lot Tech
Phone: 9709456301
Kayla Allen is a recent addition to our Sales Team. She is our newest Sales Lot Tech. Kayla found her way into the motorsports industry after years in automotive. She not only knows her way around a dealership, but takes pride in being able to drive and maintain any of our machines. Kayla is an avid outdorswoman who lives to ride, whether its an ATV, UTV or her snowboard, you can catch Kayla riding somewhere on her time off. A mom of 2 who shares her love of the outdoors with her husband and children through hiking, camping, trail riding and getting out on Colorado's amazing "fresh pow" Kayla lives for the outdoors!
Robert Welsh - Detailer

Robert Welsh

Phone: 9709456301
Robert comes to Integra Motorsports from the automotive industry. An auto detailer for over 10 years, Robert is excited to bring his unique skill-set over into the powersports world. A long-time powersports enthusiast, since a young age, Robert started racing Motocross at 8 years old, which ignitedhis powersports passion. Robert looks forward to applying his skills to custom detailing powersports while learning more about the individual machines he works with. When he's not here detailing new and serviced machines for Integra Motorsports customers, you can often find Robert pursuing his other passions in life. A certified Firefighter, Robert splits his time between fighting fires, training and adventuring with his dog, Remington, and planning his wedding next fall. Every machine sold at Integra Motorsports gets Robert's individual attention and care to have it looking its shiny best.
Kelsey Gasaway - Fit Specialist

Kelsey Gasaway

Fit Specialist
Phone: 970-945-6301
Kelsey is a lifelong Roaring Fork Valley Native. She comes to Integra Motorsports from the fitness industry. Kelsey is an accomplished personal trainer and former gym owner who is passionate about all things fitness and nutrition. Kelsey is a 5 year NPC Bikini Competitor. Sponsored by Integra Motorsports and with the whole team behind her, Kelsey will be competing this summer to earn her International Federation of Body Building Pro Card. In addition to her passion for body building and fitness, Kelsey is a mother to her 1 year old daughter, Emerson, who is the sun and stars in Kelsey's world. As a Fit Specialist, Kelsey assists Integra Motorsports customers in finding the right vehicle, gear and accessories to get them out riding and keep them riding. Come in to Integra Motorsports today and let Kelsey get you fit and ready for your next riding adventure!


Chris Coleman - Finance

Chris Coleman

Phone: 970-945-6301
Chris has lived in the Vail valley for 27 years and owned ski shops for 25 years. He’s a lifelong motorcycle enthusiast and has been riding for 39 years. He’s been in the motorsports business for 1 ½ years, starting as a Lot Tech and moved on to Parts Specialist, Service Writer, Salesperson and is now our F&I Manager.
New Employee -

New Employee


Harry Berger - Parts Manager

Harry Berger

Parts Manager
Phone: 970-945-6301
Harry is a long time valley resident with extensive motorcycle knowledge. Harry has been featured in Cafe Racer Magazine for his 1964 custom Meguro! Harry loves 3 wheelers and most other "ill" machines with motors. He brings 30 years of industry knowledge and enthusiasm to Integra Motorsports! Come down and chat with Harry to get all your parts, accessories and riding gear!
Zak Smith - After Market Accessories Coordinator

Zak Smith

After Market Accessories Coordinator
Phone: 970-945-6301
Zak began his riding addiction as a young kid and to this day hasn't been able to kick the habit. At 17, Zak went into the U.S. Army and was still racing motocross on Active Duty! He started working at Integra Motorsports in Gypsum in the parts department, then moved to Service Manager before moving to the sales department where he always wanted to be. Zak is currently our After Market Accessories Coordinator, providing our customers with the perfect gear and accesories to get them out on the road with safety and style. Stop by and talk to Zak to get the right gear, apparel and accesories for your bike today!
Ramy Andersen - Parts Associate

Ramy Andersen

Parts Associate
Phone: 970-945-6301
Ramy is a native to the valley and has been in the automotive industry her entire life, mostly working in the parts department. She has been with us 1 ½ years. She is a motorsports and muscle car enthusiast.
Dan Brown - Parts Associate

Dan Brown

Parts Associate
Phone: 970-945-6301
Dan has been in the valley for over 30 years and has been in the auto industry for 15 years. He has been a Service Manager, Parts Manager, Shipping Receiving, and a Service Technician.


Ken Youland - Service Writer

Ken Youland

Service Writer
Phone: 970-945-6301
Ken is our Service Writer. He has lived in the Roaring Fork Valley for 31 years. He came from the oil field industry into the Powersports industry so he could enjoy the benefits of the valley instead of traveling for work. He’s been with us for a little over a year. Ken is known for portraying Doc Holliday in the 90’s for the old western reenactments around the valley. Our customers love Ken for his attention to detail, and the way he makes every customer feel important and valued. Ken is a longtime Harley rider and is planning a cross-country ride for his retirement.
Taylor Vagneur - Service Technician

Taylor Vagneur

Service Technician
Phone: (970) 945-6301
Taylor has been one of our Service Techs for about 3 years and previously worked for Harley-Davidson & Polaris. Taylor was born in the Roaring Fork Valley has lived here his entire life and has been working on bikes & sleds since was 5 years old. Taylor is a Dirt Bike rider and enthusiast. Taylor loves being a Service Technician, because he gets to work on the vehicles he loves so much. So bring your broken ride to Taylor and he'll get you back out on the road quickly!
James Ferko - PDI Technician

James Ferko

PDI Technician
Phone: 940-945-6301
James started with Integra Motorsports May 2018. He is originally from Texas and has been in the Roaring Fork Valley for 2 years. James comes from the industrial fabrication industry; however, he has a ton of diverse knowledge with regards to motorcycles and cars with a passion for the motorsports industry. James spends his free time riding bikes & atv’s and taking his family on adventures.
Victor Silvius - Service Technician

Victor Silvius

Service Technician
Phone: (970) 945-6301
Victor is a native to the valley and has been working in the ATV/Snowmobile industry since 1992 as a Service Manager, Parts Manager and a Service Tech. He has been with us since February 2018. He is an ATV/Snowmobile enthusiast and enjoys being outdoors.
Keane Colby - Lot Tech

Keane Colby

Lot Tech
Phone: 970-945-6301
Keane is Integra Motorsports Lot Tech & Delivery Driver. Keane takes extreme pride in his driving abilities in Colorado's often harsh elements and his perfect record speaks for itself. His long time background in commercial trucking, combined with his focus and passion for driving help Keane make all of our unit deliveries on time and successful. When Keane isn't picking up and delivering machines for Integra Motorsports, you can often find him on a ski slope somewhere shredding on his snowboard. A former pro snowboarder, Keane takes every spare moment he can to hit the slopes. Passionate about all things motorsports related, Keane is a great representation of the Integra Motorsports family and what we're all about. When you purchase your next ATV, UTV or Bike, Keane will be sure to make sure it arrives to you on time and in perfect condition!
Randy Johnson - Service Technician

Randy Johnson

Service Technician
Phone: 970-945-6301
Randy recently came to Integra Motorsports from Central Texas as a Service Technician. An avid Motorcross Racer, Randy has been competing for over 40 years, including racing in the Yamaha Motorcross Championship Series, Expert Class Race in Carlsbad. As a Polaris Certified Technician, Randy has mastered service and accersory installation on all Polaris models. Prior to joining Integra Motorsports, Randy owned a Polaris Dealership in Texas. A lifelong entrepreneur, Randy has owned multiple companies specializing in trailer manufacturing, construction and house remodel and flipping. As a new resident of Colorado Randy looks forward to hitting the snow on skis and taking advantage of our incredible off-road trails on his dirt bike. A New Year's Day Baby, Randy has been number one since birth, earning the First Baby Born in Tucson Arizona title in 1957. Randy looks forward to serving the Roaring Fork Valley Motorsports service needs.
Anthony Ramirez - Service Technician

Anthony Ramirez

Service Technician
Phone: 970-945-6301
Anthony is an Arizona native who recently relocated to the Roaring Fork Valley to join the Integra Motorsports team. He has been a motorcycle technician since graduating MMI in 2004 and holds multiple motorcycle technician certifications. Certified in Kawasaki, Polaris, Victory and Slingshot and trained in Honda and Suzuki, Anthony brings a unique set of skills and knowledge to Integra. Excited to become a fixture in both the shop and the Roaring Fork Valley, Anthony is ready to make this area home. Anthony has a 15 year old daughter and enjoys spending his time cheering her on in Softball. When Anthony isn't turning wrenches at Integra, you can find him trading stocks, working on investments and exploring the Colorado mountains on his mountain bike.


The "Behind the Scenes" Team.

Megan Chance - Controller

Megan Chance

Megan has been in dealership accounting for 9 years. She is one of Integra Motorsports most valuable assets. Megan is a graduate of MMI and was trained as a motorcycle technician before she went into accounting. Now, Megan gets the best of both worlds as she does accounting in the motorsports industry.
Kimberly Johnson - Office Manager/Accountant

Kimberly Johnson

Office Manager/Accountant
Kimberly has been our Office Manager/Staff Accountant for nearly 2 years. She moved to the Roaring Fork Valley from Indiana in 2016. Kimberly has been in office management, administration, HR and accounting for 25+ years and has worked in commercial/residential real estate, timeshare, industrial supply and several other industries. Kimberly is the glue that keeps Integra Motorsports together and the oil that keeps it all running smoothly. When she's not keeping Integra Motorsports going, she enjoys spending time with her husband, grandson and her pets, Jamie & Kitten.
Ursula Upton - Groundskeeper

Ursula Upton

Phone: 970-945-6301
A Colorado native, Ursula comes to Integra Motorsports from a construction background. Ursula is responsible for keeping the Integra Motorsports grounds clean and beautiful. Whether it’s a fresh coat of paint, repairing building damage or filling the landscape with beauty, Ursula’s hard work and dedication is not hard to see. You can always tell Ursula’s work apart by the perfection she leaves behind. A true outdoorswoman, Ursula finds her joy in being out in the Colorado mountains camping, fishing, hunting or taking the atv’s and bikes out for some riding. When she is not making Integra Motorsports the most beautiful dealership in Colorado, Ursula loves spending her time with her family enjoying all Colorado has to offer.

Sponsored Riders

John Miner -

John Miner

450B +40B and +30B The man, the myth, the legend.....John Miner. John is one of the first riders that we sponsored back in 2014! In the past 2 years we've struggled to find a bike set up on the Honda's and kawasaki's that John was comfortable with. For 2017 John switched to the new YZ450F and is killing it! We've finally found the right set up and he's getting used to the podium. If you're at the track and some dude on a blue bike gaps you and gets the holeshot............chances are, it's most likely John. You can find John and Dalton in the pits under the Integra Motorsports banner's, go say hi!
Dalton Miner -

Dalton Miner

250B & 250C Dalton Miner has been an Integra Motorsports sponsored rider since 2014! He started in the 250c motocross and is also racing 250b enduro class. Dalton's racing focus is mainly the motorcross track but he does dabble a bit in the enduro world. He's done great this year and has had some set backs but he keeps pushing to get on the top step of the podium! Dalton's sponsor include: Integra Motorsports, ProTaper, Fox, PJ1, and Amsoil.
Austin Wren -

Austin Wren

450B & 25+ Austin Wren signed with Integra Motorsports for the 2018 season. He will be racing 450B and 25+ classes this year. Follow his instagram to check out the dope riding pictures he always posts! @austinwren115
Anthony Walker -

Anthony Walker

450B Anthony Walker joined the Integra Motorsports team this year for the 2018 race season. He'll be racing 450B and his goal is to make it to the pro class by the end of the season. Follow him on instagram to keep up with how he's doing this season! @walkeranthony94
Grant Appleton -

Grant Appleton

85cc Grant became a member of the Integra Motorsports Race Team back in June of 2017 when he made the jump from racing his KX65 to the new KX85! We're stoked to be sponsoring Grant and he's killing it so far on his 85cc. He's sponsored by Integra Motorsports, MOM, and Risk Racing. If you see him at the track be sure to say hi!